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Hiatus for a while. Might be able to get on once in a while. Going to take a while to get though messages.

Amazing Art of My Characters

ACEO: Nullam by Agaave Kusugaq Training by MiraeChaos

To Do List

:bulletwhite: Faime Import 605: need to do reference ASAP
:bulletwhite: Design my new Faime foal:
:bulletwhite: Design my shedu cub: number 2584
:bulletwhite: 5 Training Images of for Dune (shedu)
:bulletwhite: 10 Training Images of for Dardanos (shedu)



My Deviantart Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 10:38 AM
BDayCard by KmyGraphic
My story started a little over three years ago( July of 2011). I was playing Horseland and Howrse and wanted to share my layouts that I made with others and use the amazing resources that were available if you were a remember of DA. 
Unicorn In Magical Forest by SmileyBear6 Dragon Castle by SmileyBear6 Friesian Bowing in Moonlight by SmileyBear6 Dolphins of a Different World by SmileyBear6
Two friends that I have know before DA and played the above games with are the amazing 

cloverf79 and Makayla5672418

As my photomanipulation gallery started to grow, I added a few of my drawings that I had in my sketchbook..or at least my animal drawings and still life...the anime stayed hidden and it is that way to this day. 
Big Cat by SmileyBear6 Fruit Still at by SmileyBear6
As I looked through DA, I found the HARPG world. I meet some amazing artists. Who were kind and friendly that would stretch out an open hand to help you with your art. 
All of these people are amazing and have been awfully kind and friendly to me:

AutumnCreekFarmsDecorum100Abyssi-Somnis, thevostrikova

and some new friends that I have made in the 3 years of being in this community.


There are so many more that have inpacted my life that I would take me a few hours to include everyone in this journal/story. 

This is where my journey started in the Horse art RPG world:
Introducing Fly Me to the Moon by SmileyBear6

And this is where it is right now: 
Halter at Dawn by SmileyBear6

I am hoping that in the near future that I will be able to share my truly favorite hobby/passion with all of you, my photography.  It is one thing in my life that I am passionate about learning more about and expanding my experience so hopefully next DA birthday story there will be more photographs in my gallery.

I will leave you with one of my photos of my dog that I took a few years ago. Enjoy and thanks for reading my story.

Such a Cutie by SmileyBear6

Closing My Stables: Horses For Sale and Lease

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 12:37 PM
Hey Guys and Gals of the Horse Art RP. I am closing my stables for the near future. So some of the horses will be for sale and/or lease. Real life and family issues have overtaken my life right now. So art is on hold until I can get everything settled and straightened out. 

Rules for Buying

1. Points/USD only unless you contact me through note
2. The horse is yours to do as you want. But you have to keep the breeding slots as is.
3. Previous owners have a chance to get the horse back if they note.

Rules for Leasing

1. You can draw as much as or as little as you want of the horse with one exception you have to draw at least the horse once while you have the lease
2. The lease times: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months
3. If multiple people want to lease one horse will have a discussion together to see how we can make this happen/
4. No killing, maiming, seriously hurting the horse
5. With regular horses you will be able to breed twice in one lease, with nordanners depending on the horse: you might get a breeding slot
6. Some horses may be leased to buy(this all depends on the quality and quantity of the work.
7. You can place the horse in shows, and all the prizes will go to you!

More rules may be added, as they come to me! I also have the right to cancel the sale at anytime.

Horses for sale:

3089 Black Tie Affair by SmileyBear6
3628 Untamed Desert by SmileyBear6
3532 MDS Lumos by SmileyBear6
4106 Pumpkin Supreme by SmileyBear6

Lease Horse can be seen in the following Galleries:

Also there is breeding slot available:

Nordanner Breeding Slot

to make sure you have read all the way to the bottom in your note or comment please write who the dragon at the top of this gorgeous journal is. :D

Nordanner Breeding Slot Cleanout

Sun Jul 6, 2014, 12:39 PM

As of right now only points will be considered as I am closing my stables for a while. 

3788 ECr Aldebaran (Excellent Blood) by shekeira
5424 Ninja's Blue Boy by ninjastarhate
4751 Kvenkanrr sur Throanda by Abyssi-Somnis
6398 Hell's Apocalypse by kat8674 mate approval by owner

2117 Note My Crimes by TimberlakeLaneEC   Sold

#5246 HMR Takes Two To Tango by Pumpi12Denise sold 

Texture cloaks Skin coding Nesmaty

My Life Updated July 25 2014

Thu May 29, 2014, 3:17 PM

I thought that instead of doing lots of journals and polls, I would make one journal and keep adding to it. I'll update it everytime I write in it.

25th July 2014

Oh I am so mad, for some reason Sims 3 did not save the house I was working on yesterday. It took me three hours to get it just I have to start again. 

Well in other news, I am having a little art block the last few days so commissions and payments will be done when the block is over. Don't worry I know what I have to do..some of it is started so I just have to finish it. 

Off to cry about my sims house.......

3rd July 2014

Hey guys, just updating here to tell all of you my art is going to be super slow for the time being. I have to keep finding a flat surface to do it. Everytime, I sit down to draw at the kitchen table-my grandmother comes and sits with me. She has a habit of spilling her drink so I do not want it on my tablet. I would sit outside under our gazebo but it is over 90 and humid. So until I can find a cool spot I can only draw when everyone is occupied doing somthing else. 

29th May 2014

My grandparents are moving up with us. It is great news and bad news all at the same time. There is already 3 people and a dog living in a house with 1 bathroom, now we are going to add 2 more people and a cat. We do not know how the dog is going to deal with a cat, he has meet her in their trailer once or twice but what is he going to do in a house. He tries to chase cats in the yard but I think that is because they run, so they are inviting him to play. We only get to see them maybe once a year if that some years we never see them. They live so far away, 6 hours in the boonies.

So right now art is going to be slowing way down. I have a lot of art that I am working on so I hope that I do get time to finish it soon. Reference for all of my horses is still a priority, but they are slow coming. Ciao for now.

Something for all you Simmers out there in the DA world/watchers. What is you best house that you have ever made. 

1 deviant said Right now I think that I am working on my best house, will show images after I am done it.
1 deviant said Share
No deviants said If you want to share pictures, you can link to the Comment section below.
No deviants said It can be small or large or anything in the middle.


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I am a photo-manipulator, artist and photographer. I may not be the best artist but with ever image, I am getting better. With my photography which is a passion, I love taking pictures of animals and plants, but will occasionally take pictures of buildings and landscapes.

Bombshell Smash by thevostrikova Smash by thevostrikova 04-15-2013 by BaconMagic


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