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First Haltering of a wild horse-Atawhai by SmileyBear6 First Haltering of a wild horse-Atawhai by SmileyBear6
Stable: CornerStone Equestrian Centre
Horse Number: 2
Horse Name: Atawhai
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 years
Height: 15.2 hh
Colour: Black Minimal Sabino
Genotype: EE / aa / nSb
Eyes: Brown
One Trait or Quirk: The most willing of the batch, weve found. Hes very adaptable, and works well with bribes.


:bulletpurple: A meeting image--[link]
:bulletgreen: Halter on for the First Time--This Picture Enjoy
:bulletpurple: A mishap image
:bulletpurple: A backing image
:bulletpurple: A training image

To my Journal, This is the second day in New Zealand at the Ciwi Sun Stables. We are going to head over to the stables from the hotel that we are staying at. Cheyenne loves it here, she is going shopping while I work with Atawhai, I might join her for lunch.
Today I am hoping to halter him for the first time. I bought this gorgous purple halter for him. It is stronger than all the other halters that we have at out Centre so it should last him for a while. I do not want to stress him out so I will be happy with just haltering him and letting him to get to know me. I am going to pack all my bribes that I brought with me, carrots, apples and starlights. Hopefully one of these will help me. Well off to the stables. Adieu.

At the stables, Lalanna walked to the paddock that housed Atawhai. She whistled a little bit just to get him used to different noises that he would hear at our centre. He came up to the fence, to see her coming down the path towards him. He whinnied at her, Lalanna did not know if he whinnied at her or the other horses near him. When she got to the paddock she placed the bag on the ground and pulled out a carrot. He perked his ears up at the sight of the carrot. "Oh is this what you want?" asked Lalanna giggling at his expression.

She broke up the carrot to feed him. He accually took them out of her hand. Lalanna was surprised that within a day he trusted her enough to eat out of her hand. She grabbed the halter out of her bag, another carrot and a handful of starlight mints. Before entering the paddock with him she opened all of them and stuck them into her pocket. She opened the paddock gate and slipped through. Atawhai took off at a trot away from her and around the paddock. He came back and stood 5 feet away from her. He snuffed at her, or the starlight mint smell. He walked over to her and snuffed at the pocket that she placed the mints into. Lalanna slowly slipped her hand into her pocket to pull out one of the delisious mints. She opened her hand with the mint into the palm. He lipped it out of her palm.

Lalanna pulled the halter off her shoulder to show the horse. "This is not going to hurt you. It goes around your head to make you look pretty." He lowered his head to smell the webbing. He was not alarmed at the halter so he just stood still. Lalanna grabbed another mint out of her pocket. She stuck the nosepiece around her wrist and placed to mint in her palm so that she could slide the halter onto him when he went for the mint. It was like they rehearsed the movement, it was so fluid the halter just slide right on without any fuss. But after it was on, he took off again cantering around the pen. Lalanna went back to the gate and slipped out. She grabbed her cell phone to document the occasion. When she was ready to take the picture, Atawhai stopped and stared into the distance. Snap The occasion was caught. Lalanna typed off a response to her cousin and co-owner to their Centre. Lalanna whistled to the horse and he came back to her. She slowly slipped the halter back off of him. She offered him another mint as a reward. He went off at an amble back to the middle of the pasture and shook all over. Then his head went down and he started to graze. Lalanna felt this was a good place to stop for the morning. She grabbed her bag and walked away. She looked over her shoulder one more time before heading back to the hotel to wait for Cheyenne.

To my Journal, This morning was so amazing. Haltering Atawhai for the first time took no time at all. By the way he LOVEs Starlight mints. He lookes amazing in his halter. I will have to leave a space for pictures, I got the perfect picture of him looking out at another horse with his halter on. I am thinking that if this afternoons weather is ok, of joining up with him. I think it is the best idea with a wild horse of his age. Off to lunch and a little bit of shopping. Adieu.

Reference: Horse ([link])
All Horse design copyrighted to :iconleavingneverland:
Atawhai and People Characters copyrighted to :iconsmileybear6:
shannor Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool! I love that the picture is shown on the screen of the phone, that's a nice touch :D
SmileyBear6 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks i was trying to something different, something no else has done
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